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Heritage Prints – Our History
Heritage Prints was created in 1992 by Gies Pluim – an art lover and former publisher who dedicated his later years to creating beautiful giclée prints of artistic masterpieces. His aim was to create reproductions that looked exactly like the originals in color, tone and size.

For Gies it was important that his facsimiles should appear just as the artist intended so that fellow art lovers from around the world could also share in the joy of owning beautiful artwork.

Gies passed away in 2016 at the age of 87 but the company is still owned and managed by the Pluim family today, who maintain Gies’s commitment to producing prints that are indistinguishable from the originals.

What Makes Us Different
We always create our prints directly from the originals. This means we can offer a collection no-one else has.
We have exclusive access to the complete ornithological and botanical collections at Teylers’ Museum (the oldest museum in The Netherlands), with artwork from some of the greatest artists of the 17th – 19th centuries.
Our attention-to-detail and high production standards sets Heritage Prints apart from the retailers who sell cheap prints on the internet.
Other providers (who do not have access to the originals) often use low-resolution photographs from standard art books. To keep prices low, they also print on cheap paper and use poor quality inks that change color when exposed to UV lights. On inspection, these prints often turn out to be small, blurred and very pale in color – leaving the buyer extremely disappointed. Often produced in different sizes, the reproductions are far from what the artist intended.
That’s not what we do. Every detail of our process is carefully managed to ensure you receive a beautiful piece of artwork that is identical in every way to the original.

Heritage Prints in Teylers Museum

Our process
We specialize in creating true or certified facsimile giclée prints. To give you a perfect reproduction of the original, our prints are:

Always taken from the original editions
Always printed in the original size
Created in editions of a maximum of 250 copies, signed and numbered
Printed on age resistant white etching paper with a weight of 260 gr/m (grams per square meter)
Printed with archival ink which resists fading for 100 years
Printed with the highest possible resolution
This means, when glazed, our prints far exceed all other reproductions and are indistinguishable from the originals. Watch the process video [link to video]

With every print, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity and when you purchase a complete collection, you have the option to add our Solander box to keep your prints in perfect condition.
Click here to find out more about the Solander box

Start Your Own Collection
If you’d like to chat to us about the artists and artwork in our collection, drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you to answer any questions you may have.
Or if you’d like to browse through our collection and place an online order, click here to begin.

Invest in your own piece of art history
At Heritage Prints we believe you should be able to own and enjoy your own collection of fine art – not as cheap copies but as high-quality prints that are identical to the originals.

That’s why we pay attention to every tiny detail to ensure that our giclée prints are indistinguishable from the original. From the size to the color and tone, every detail is carefully reproduced to give you a piece that is as close as you can get to the original.

In our collection of masterpieces, we have over 1,500 prints from 17 different artists with 20 complete sets.

What is Giclee printing?
Giclée printing is a modern printing technique, developed for digital fine art prints. It allows us to create superior quality archival prints that are printed individually for you, rather than as part of a mass edition.

Heritage Prints: museum quality prints to decorate your home or office
Our museum-quality ornithological and botanical prints are not only affordable but cost 25% less than comparable editions. Heritage Editions prints are virtually identical to the antique original. These re-editions of Heritage Editions are directly available through this website.
We offer a collection no one else has. Heritage Editions has exclusive access to Teylers Museums (Haarlem – the Netherlands) complete ornithological and botanical collections from the greatest artists of the 17th -19th century.

Just to mention a few:

  • The entire (435) John James Audubon’s Havell Edition Birds of America,
  • Daniel Giraud Elliot’s: Birds of Paradise,
  • A Monograph of the Pittidae,
  • Family of the Hornbills Nozeman’s De Nederlandsche Vogelen,
  • John Gould’s complete oeuvre,
  • And several giclee prints from Dr Robert Thornton’s The Temple of Flora, Edwards, Catesby, Schlegel, Captain Thomas Brown, Redouté, Maria Sibylla Merian, François Levaillant.

Besides all of this, we also have a beautiful collection of architecture prints of Piranesi.

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