Francois Levaillant

Francois Le Vaillant was a French ornithologist, explorer, collector. Born in Paramaribo (1753-November 22, 1824), the capital of Dutch Guiana (Surinam), the son of the a consul. When his father returned to Europe, in 1763, he studied natural history at Metz.

Intrepid traveller, pioneering naturalist and famous author – François Levaillant (1753-1824) was a celebrity in his own lifetime. His sumptuous bird books, highly sought after collectors’ items, were published in a golden age of French natural history book production.Art in Limted Editions bv is fortunate to have access to the original hand-colored prints.

The plates are reproduced to the highest standards at actual size of the originals, on acid-free paper. A limited number have been produced and are available as separate prints, but there also complete sets of 123 prints for sale In special made Solander Boxes. The prints are of exceptional beauty and quality, and are a rare opportunity to obtain reproductions of Levaillant plates at an affordable price. Whilst the prints, if framed, would enhance any setting, they would be particularly appropriate for corporate projects.

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