Piranesi Carceri Ínvenzione


  • Taken from the original editions
  • Printed in the original size
  • Age resisting white etching paper
  • Archival ink resisting fading for 100 years
  • Highest possible resolution
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  • 100% satisfaction with 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee

A Certified facsimile or actual-size prints. We offer a true quality nobody has; and for a price nobody is offering you for a comparable quality. These prints were photographed using the latest technology, with a color-checker colour matched to the original illustration and then reproduced at the original plate size. Museum Quality Limited Edition prints, actual-size, signed, numbered and blind stamped. Indistinguishable form the original when glazed and framed.

Title: "Carceri d'Invenzione"

Author and artist: Giambattista Piranesi


  • Published: Rome, 1764
  • Paper Size: folio size (65 x 51 cm)
  • Content: 1 modern title page
    1 index sheets with the titles
    16 prints by Piranesi
  • Casing: The complete set will be cased in an elegant handcrafted Solander Box covered in special linen.

Limited edition : The edition will be limited to 50 complete sets numbered 1/50H to 50/50H.

Delivery time: As the Solander box (casing) will be made on demand by our best professional bookbinder, we must ask for a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after receiving your payment.

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