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Why are the Audubon prints produced by Heritage Prints the best in the world?

At Heritage Prints we only use the latest digital technology and we have direct access to all the original prints

  • • Digital imaging has improved tremendously the last 10 years and our prints conform to the ISO 9607 standard that museums demands on paper.
  • • The prints are printed with the finest possible resolution of 2880 ink drops per square inch.
  • • The scans are made directly from the original double elephant prints at Teyler’s Museum (who bought the complete edition from Victor Gifford Audubon on 25 August 1833 – see Fries-The Double Elephant Folio page 347).  
  • • Our proofs are made using the originals as control
  • • We only use acid-free 300 gr/m2 Hahnemühle high-quality rag water-color-grade paper.
  • • We only use archive inks which do not bleach under UV-light and our prints have a warranty against fading as is the case with cheap prints.
  • • We only produce actual size prints  
  • • We only print on demand so that we always have access to the latest technology.
  • • We do not stock or sell out of date editions e.g. the Amsterdam Edition of 1972
  • • Our Edition size is limited to 250 of each print
  • • Prints are clearly marked with a blind embossing stamp and are numbered on the verso signed
  • • And… we have the best Master printer – Marcel Salome of


Why are all Audubon prints of Heritage Prints the same price?

That is very simple.

  • • The ‘print on demand’ digital scan of every Audubon original costs the same
  • • The proofing of every Audubon Heritage Print costs the same
  • • The printing costs the same of every print
  • • ….so all Audubon prints cost the same to the buyer


What is your delivery time?

For individual prints – 2-3 working days plus the time it takes FEDEX to deliver to your door. This can add another 3-10 days depending to where you live. For Complete editions – 3-4 weeks because the Solander Box has to be made especially for each order by the specialist box maker – Ryders of England ( .

  • What is a Solander Box?

    Daniel Charles Solander (1736-1782) was a renowned Swedish Botanist who was tutored by Linnaeus. He moved to England to work at the British Museum and designed the folio box that bears his name. He also travelled on the ‘Endeavour’ with Captain Cook on his expedition to the Pacific. The Solander box is still considered the most suitable case for storing and viewing prints.

  • Is it possible to pay for the Complete Edition in installments?

    Yes. We require a down payment of 30% before the prints are dispatched, and 7 monthly instalments to make up the balance (including postage). Heritage Prints charges no interest on these payments..

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