What makes the Heritage Prints so special?

Giclee printing is a relatively new printing technique specifically developed for digital fine art prints. It allows for superior-quality archival prints that are printed on demand (made on an individual basis) instead as part of a mass edition. 

The archival print market is growing but there is a lot of difference in quality. Heritage Prints only deals in museum-grade Certified Art Giclées™ (as opposed to the inferior gallery-grade or decor prints for example).

Because we exclusively sell prints made from digitally photographed museum originals our prints are considered to be indistinguishable from the originals. Only the highest-quality materials are used. Our giclees are tested to last over a 100 years and that is why we can give you a unique lifelong warranty.

About Heritage Prints quality 

As we work closely with Teylers Museum, the oldest museum in the Netherlands, Heritage Prints has direct access to the original works of art and can reproduce them perfectly using the latest in digital technology. Throughout the reproduction process, Heritage Prints has the original works of art available as a reference for color and tone. 

Heritage Fine Art Facsimile Prints are made in collaboration with Re-Art Printing, Fine Art & Editions of the Netherlands. Re-Art is one of the world’s finest master printers and is a founder member of Certified Art Giclée, the quality assurance organisation for fine art printers.

A Table Synchronous Cruise Scanner, with a resolution of more than 60 million megapixels, is used to meticulously copy the work of art and, using these high quality files, colors can be corrected and dirt stains removed. This is, in fact, the process used by most famous International museums.

After rigorous quality control, the final giclées are printed with a resolution of 2880 dpi, prints grid charge. In addition, the paper used is carefully matched to the original in quality and color. All the paper chosen by Heritage Prints is acid free and only pigment inks are utilised in the process (Archivel). The combination of the finest quality paper and expensive ink provides a guaranteed storage life of 80 to 300 years and every Heritage Edition print is exactly the same size as the original. 

The attention to detail and meticulous quality assurance sets Heritage Prints apart from the retailers who sell cheap prints on the Internet. Without access to the originals, these providers often use low resolution photographic images from standard art books. To keep the price down, they also print on cheap paper and use poor quality inks that changes color when exposed to UV light. On inspection, these prints often turn out to be small, blurred and very pale in color – leaving the purchaser extremely disappointed.  Furthermore they produce them in different sizes. And as this has nothing to do with the original art one may as well cut a page from an artist book and have it framed.

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